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NEMT Patient Transporter

Job Description

Position Details:

Patient transporters are a vital part of the healthcare system. Patient transporters facilitate the transfer of patients (typically handicapped) to and from healthcare facilities via ambulettes. The patient transporter is responsible for picking up patient(s), aiding them to and from the ambulette, as well as any necessary securement required, such as securing a wheelchair to tie downs within the vehicle. Ambulettes are equipped with GPS and communication systems, allowing easy communication between the transport team and dispatch.

Position Compensation and Schedule:

At Apex Medical Transportation, we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of compensation while maximizing the freedom of our employees. Our introductory rate for this position is $17.50 per hour. Additionally we are instituting a four-day work week for full-time employees, allowing you greater flexibility and free-time.


Job Requirements

  • Must be 21-years-old or older

  • Valid Drivers License*

  • Clean criminal background check

  • Clean drug panel
    * We will help you obtain additional licensing requirements, such as chauffer's license, if not already obtained.

Pay Range


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