Our Story

The Apex Medical Transportation Story

Our Mission

We aim to foster an environment of compassion, understanding and respect for both our trusted employees and valued members.

How We Started

Founded by two brothers, Jameel and Ziad, with a combined fifteen years of experience in the healthcare and automotive industry, Apex Medical Transportation is the premier medical transportation provider in the New England area. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a vital part of the healthcare system, providing handicapped transportation services. Apex Medical Transportation is quickly becoming the industry leader in the NEMT field.

Through the experiences in their respective fields, the founders accumulated the knowledge and expertise required to successfully implement their mission statement. Jameel was able to integrate his knowledge of patient care and healthcare administration, while Ziad was able to ensure safe and reliable vehicles for Apex Medical Transportation's professional fleet.

With headquarters based in Warwick, RI, Apex Medical Transportation is located centrally within Rhode Island. At Apex, vehicles are professionally dispatched using state-of-the art software from the main office. The transport team are able to communicate in real time with dispatch to ensure a streamlined transportation experience. Additionally, all vehicle maintenance is done in house at the Apex headquarters. Vehicles go through regular inspection to ensure that patients are always safe and on-time.